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01.) GTS Project - Disco (Radio Edit)
02.) Lyane Leigh - Sexy Boy (S.E.X.Appeal Radio Edit)
03.) A. Voltage feat. Elaine Winter - Try To Find (Radio Edit)
04.) Michael Marin - Tonight (Radio Edit)
05.) Kyra Pharao & Siam - New Day (Radio Edit)
06.) TAMO ft. Lyane Leigh - Another Night 2k17 (Experience of Music Re-Edit)
07.) Acting Lovers - Alex needs a lover (Radio Edit)
08.) Ray Ramon - Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down (Radio Edit)
09.) X-tension - Stay The Night (Radio Edit)
10.) Danny Gee - The Sun Always Shines On TV (2k17)
11.) Franca Morgano - I Can Reach Nobody (Radio Edit)
12.) Nick Cold - Children Of The Night (Radio Edit)
13.) Rozalla - If You Say It Again (Stormby Mix Edit)
14.) MarcelDeVan feat. Anna Jones - In My Dreams (DreamDanceEdit 2017)
15.) JDstreams - The Top (Radio Version)
16.) Giuseppe Alicata - Another Time Another Place (Dance Cut Mix)
17.) Experience of Music - Hardhouse (S.E.X.Appeal 2k17 Rap Edit)

Bonus Tracks:
18.) X-tension - Anybody (Message of Love 2017)
19.) TAMO feat. DJ Artonic - Another night (2k17 DJ Artonic Mix)
20.) Acting Lovers - Martha Wears A Wonder Bra (Radio Edit)

Eurodance Club Vol. 1 - Tracklisting

For our customers in Australia and in the USA: EURODANCE CLUB Vol. 1 CD-BABY SHOP PAGE

Pressemitteilung als PDF-Datei zum Download EURODANCE CLUB Volume 1
Eurodance Club Vol. 1

3H Records präsentiert eine brandneue CD-Reihe, die sich voll und ganz eine der beliebtesten und erfolgreichsten Musikrichtungen aller Zeiten widmet: Dem EURODANCE!

Ganze 20 Tracks stark ist diese Compilation, die jeden Dancefloor zum Beben bringt und euch auf eine Reise in bisher ungeahnte Musikwelten entführt. Dabei werdet ihr nicht nur auf allseits bekannte und etablierte Superstars treffen, wie z.B. Pharao, Franca Morgano (Magic Affair), Lyane Leigh (E-Rotic, S.E.X.Appeal) oder Rozalla (um nur einige grosse Namen zu nennen), sondern ebenso auf viele neue Talente, Künstler und Acts, deren Musik sich im Hinblick auf Qualität, Ohrwurmpotential oder Suchtfaktor in Augenhöhe mit den "Grossen" befindet. Die enorme Vielfalt kombiniert mit der hohen Güte jedes einzelnen Tracks machen diese Compilation zu einem Glanzstück in jeder Plattensammlung.

Info sheet PDF file for download in English EURODANCE CLUB Volume 1
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3H Records is launching a new CD compilation series this year which is dedicated to the most successful genre of the last 25 years: the EURODANCE.

The volume and versatility of this music direction is conveyed impressively on a total of 20 tracks on this "Volume 1 - Back 2 Basic" compilation. In addition to classic Eurodance productions, this CD also contains high-quality songs, which can be found in the genre Vocaltrance, Dancepop, Clubdance and Dreamdance. In addition, the respective producers and / or artists are not only from Europe. 3H Records has searched the whole world for attractive music and even found it in Australia.

There is also a balanced mix of established Eurodance superstars and less well-known producer teams and dance acts, for which EURODANCE CLUB can become a jumping board to start a sensational career. A lot of info is in the detail-loving booklet of the CD, where every artist is presented in word and picture in detail.

After all, all the tracks were packed in a clever way, so you would like to play them completely from beginning to end, without risking that you will be boring to hear them at some point. Insert CD, play press and have fun. The joy of the music is only "a press button" away.

Eurodance Club Volume 1 "Back2Basic" is released as a CD and digital download in the distribution of Timezone, in regular shops on 07th April 2017.