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EURODANCE CLUB Vol.1 - Artists

Artists 1 GTS Project
GTS Project is a side project by famous Italo-Pop singer Giuseppe Alicata, vocalist Sabina Schweizer and producer/songwriter Tom Payle. "DISCO" was originally created to celebrate the 5th birthday of the weekly DISCO Radioshow hosted by Manuel Cerny on HOLA FM Radio Fuerteventura. Based on this idea, GTS Project lifted a complete single version which delivers smooth Italo-Pop with a memorable hookline as an homage to the great musical genres of the 80s and 90s.

An EP with additional remixes is available through 3H Records.

GTS on Facebook

Lyane Leigh
is well-known through her participation as a lead singer of the bands E-Rotic and S.E.X.Appeal. With E-Rotic, Lyane has received numerous gold and platinum awards worldwide for her hits "Max Don´t Have Sex With Your Ex" or "Fred Come To Bed". But even before her 90s-E-Rotic-time, Lyane was NOT unsuccessful. In 1989 and 1990, with her German-singing band Xanadu, she took part in the preliminary round for the Eurovision song contest with a good 2nd place. With her solo part in the Bad Boys Blue Hit "Come Back And Stay", she received a gold nomination in 1987 for the first time and at the beginning of her musical career. "Sexy Boy" is a new 2017 song from the forthcoming album and represents the typical Lyane-S.E.X.Appeal style.

Please visit Lyane Leigh's Homepage

Artists 2 A. Voltage feat. Elaine Winter
A. Voltage aka Alexander Schmautz is a musician from Austria who has already discovered his love for music as a young boy. To deal not only with one genre, Alexander participated in various DJ and remix contests. His remixes can be found on compilations and numerous singles. He has worked with many artists and producers. Chimp & Panse, Miss Mangoo, Lars Zimmermann aka Deep Melange, Marc Aurel, Jean Henry, Soundclub Mafia, and many more. Through social A. Voltage and Elaine Winter got to know each other and decided to work together, making the current production, a very danceable dance-pop track with catchy phrase thanks to the singing support from Elaine. Further projects with his wife Em.Ma aka Tina Schmautz and other musicians and artists are planned.
A. Voltage on Facebook and A. Voltage Homepage

Michael Marin
from Romania studied Political Science in Bucharest. However music has been and remains his main passion. As a big fan of the 80s, he is inspired and influenced by bands like Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, Joy or Silent Circle. Michael has been trying to gain a foothold in the music industry for a number of years, but unfortunately only with moderate success. In spite of this, some of his songs were played on the Romanian radio and there were TV shows and concerts. Although Michael has not studied music, there are many ideas for melodies and lyrics. "Tonight" is just one example of his musical abilities. "Tonight" is produced by the Finnish Renny Jarvinen and Marko Valkonen from Helsinki. Renny is a well-known producer of the big radio station, Radio NRJ and produces songs for Finnish TV. "Tonight" is a successful mix of the 80s and 90s music with modern sound elements. An absolutely easy-to-memorize melody worn by Michaels gentle voice.

Artists 3 Franca Morgano
The performing artist, entertainer Franca Morgano, presents in a powerful and dynamic performance a passionate and fierced combination of the biggest Pop, Soul, Funk, Dance and Italopop hits. The singer of the well known and internationally successful MAGIC AFFAIR captures the audience with her strong vocals and broad song selection. Her performance is a genuine show highlight for your event.. Franca Morgano's stage performances provided audiences all over Europe and USA with enthusiasm, excitement and furore. Book Franca Morgano for high class international entertainment and musical performance either as your event´s highlight or as your event performer accompanied by a live band. References: - Echo, - No. 1 Charthit, - MTV Award Nominee, and much more...
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Nick Cold
During the last 18 years, Nick Cold has won several national and international successes as a leader in various Eurodance / Dance-Pop projects (United Passion, Groove Empire, Boundless). In 2016, however, Nick Cold goes his own way - modern, independent, deeper than ever before. With "Children of the Night", succeed Nick Cold on straight away a great Dance-Track and at the same time a great hymn to the children all over the world.

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Artists 4 Acting Lovers
Acting Lovers is a Eurodance project that was founded by producer Patrick Thomson and artist Jack Summers in 2005. During the years they released 7 albums and 16 singles. All of their releases were charting at top positions in various Eurodance Charts all over the world. The first pure Eurodance album "Get it while it's hot" was released in 2009. After a short creative break the project returned with a new singer: Kathryn McCunningham. The follow-up album "Burning Temptations" was a major success in 2011 and encouraged the members to go even bigger. "Erotic Secrets" was released in 2013 and is well-known to all Eurodance fans around the planet. Just one year later Acting Lovers released their fourth album "Fun after midnight" on which they mixed classic Eurodance sounds with modern dance sounds. Together with Katrhyn McCunningham, Patrick Thomson is working on a brand new album for 2017.
Acting Lovers on Facebook and Basement Soundstudio Homepage

Ray Ramon
"Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down" is a song written and sung by Australian Artist Ray Ramon. The Nigerian born Australian singer-songwriter and music producer is a multi-award winning artist. "Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down" is regarded as "Dance-Pop" which is a dance-oriented pop music genre that originated in the early 1980s. It is generally an up-tempo music intended for nightclubs with the intention of being danceable but also suitable for contemporary hit radio. "Turn It Up 'N' Burn It Down" is a song about the everyday hard working people in various fields who just can't wait for Friday Night just to turn up the heat and let loose.
Visit Ray Ramon's Homepage or Ray Ramon on Facebook

Artists 5 X-tension
German Eurodance project X-tension was founded 1996 by producers Thomas Bleicher and Fred van Halen. Their first single "Move It", released in the same year, became the official title track for the Renault-Elf-Pokal Megane Cup in the Beru TOP 10 car racing series and was first performed live during the Motorshow Essen at the Grugahalle. In 1999, after several CD releases and TV appearances, X-tension gave their farewell concert playing the "Dancefloor on Ice" festival on the Kreuzlingen indoor ice rink. After a 15 year hiatus, the band reformed in 2013. With German singer Sabina Schweizer and Bulgarian rapper Svetoslav Yankov, they are back in the studio and on stage again, resurrecting the spirit of the 90s. "Stay the Night" and "Anybody (Message of Love)" deliver smooth female vocals, powerful raps and give a first glimpse at their upcoming artist album. X-tension on Facebook

Danny Gee
Danny was born in 1978 in Unna, Germany. In 1993 he got his first computer (Amiga), which allowed him to enter the music world. Since then, he has been producing various music genres with the aim of constantly improving himself. In March 2007 he finally met his producer colleague and meanwhile good friend Christian through an online music portal. The two were instantly sympathetic and the dance, trance and handsup project "Geeforce Inc" emerged. There followed some tracks and also remixes. In June 2008 Danny started writing a German song for the first time. This song mutated into a cult hit in his fan base, so he decided to continue with German Popschlager. In December 2008, Danny Gee took part in a song competition organized by Foxwahn, as "Danny Gee & Friends" with the song "Hit auf Hit", his first real release. In 2010 Danny won the Schlager Saphir in the category Best Writer. It was followed by the single "I've never been so in love" in 2013. After a break, Danny Gee is back with new songs. Danny Gee on Facebook

Artists 6 Kyra Pharao & Siam
Kyra Pharao, lead singer of PHARAO, gold awarded Eurodance act of the 90s, teamed up with rapper Siam for their new single "New Day". A great chorus from Kyra and huge raps of Siam remind of Eurodance. The new sound is fresh, clubby & up-to-date. We call it Progressive Eurodance. PHARAO is one of Germany's most successful dance acts of the 90s. "I show you Secrets" rocketed straight to the Top 10 of the German Charts. Top 10 chart rankings in several other countries and Top 10 entries in Music & Media's Eurochart and Billboard Charts followed. With over 1 million sold records in Germany and several gold records all over the world, the act had a major impact to the 90s Dance Music. PHARAO hits: "There is a Star", "I show you Secrets", "World of Magic", "Temple of Love", "Once upon a Time" and many more.
Visit the Pharao Homepage

is a Pop-Dance act around Korean-German vocalist Michael Yang Tamo is Japanese and means "mediator, spreader". In 1995, TAMO finally officially enters the dancefloor scene. The beginning of this career is something in the outstanding rise of a major dancefloor artist. TAMO is often called the "German DJ Bobo". Although the proximity of the big dancefloor brother makes him proud, TAMO offers quite clearly individual music.
Between 1995 and 2004, TAMO presented a style that gave the opportunity for a positive message. TAMO combines the magic of Asia with the coolness of the West 2017 there is a great remix of the "Tamo" classic "Another Night". Responsible for this remix is the team around Experience of Music, and the wonderful distinctive voice of Lyane Leigh.
Visit the TAMO Homepage

Artists 7 Rozalla
Rozalla is a Zambian born artist. First emerging on the Zimbabwe scene in the 1980s, she is unofficially known as "The Queen of Rave." 1988 she arrived in England and from there she really hit the big time with club classics like "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" reaching the top 10 in numerous countries. A debut album hit the UK Top 20, and more hits and albums follwed. In the live arena Rozalla is just as special, and she even toured with Michael Jackson during his Dangerous Tour, opening each show. She also recorded the theme song to the film Carlito's Way and had more chart success with tracks like "Baby", "This Time I Found Love" and "You Never Love The Same Way Twice". One of dance music's most consistent performers, it is the style and melodic flair of Rozalla's music that sets her apart. More albums have followed throughout her career and covers of Paul Weller's "Broken Stones" and Pete Doherty's "For Lovers" proved her versatility. Still recording and performing around the world, Rozalla is a true dance icon. Visit Rozalla's Homepage

MarcelDeVan feat. Anna Jones
The work at another project brought MarcelDeVan and Anna Jones together. From a creative mood Anna sang a tune on one of Marcel's older instrumentals. And suddenly the new song "In my dreams" was born. "We are curious about how people will react on it." MarcelDeVan has been writing and producing for more than 20 years for himself and for other artists in different projects with an individual sound mostly in 80s-style. Probably a reason for why experts call him the 80s producer of the modern age. Anna Jones is a musical all-rounder. A few Years ago she left stage for being in the studio to write and produce more intensively for other artists. With her own label Foxdog Music she is supporting and promoting hopeful talents mainly in the division of pop and German folk.
MarcelDeVan on Facebook

Artists 8 JDstreams
JDstreams (a.k.a. Dario BianKi, DarBian, DBK, D White) continues to work on several new music productions. The song on this compilation "The Top" comes in progressive dance style combined with a catchy piano melody and a soft voice. Its sound takes us back to the mid 1990s as "Children" by Robert Miles has been a chart-breaker in many countries around the globe.
The song is telling about the hopes and dreams in our every-day-life. Its important message is that only real love will give us clear and honest light to our hearts. Deejay and producer JDstreams still believes that dreams can come true as long as you never lose faith in your acts and keep the honesty in your hearts. With this song you can reach "the top" of your dreams tonight and for all future.
JDstreams on Facebook

Giuseppe Alicata
Giuseppe Alicata was born in 1970 in the romantic south of Italy, in Palermo Sicily. As an autodidact he taught himself to play the piano and to sing. His love and enthusiasm to music haunted him since he was a little boy. Already as a teenager he was regularly booked for weddings, birthdays and other events.

Since the late 90s and he was known as "Prince G" and released his first own hits. In 2010 he started to perform as a TV actor in various shows and daily soaps. Giuseppe loves to sing Romantic Ballads and Pop Sound from the 80s. His timeless music style enchants his audience.
Giuseppe Alicata on Facebook

Artists 9 Experience of Music
The dance music production company "Experience of Music" consists of the both producers Frank Winkelmann & Gregor Schydlo and was founded in late 1993. The releases include following music styles: House, Electro, Dance and Pop. During the last two decades Frank & Gregor work with several dance stars of the 90ies Eurodance phenomenon as to be mentioned Lyane Leigh, Franca Morgano, The Outhere Brothers, Shalamon Baskin, Pierre Feroldi, Richard Williams and many more! Experience of Music's creations combine modern House beats with retro Euro elements. That has become the trademark of the group.

Visit the Experience of Music Homepage

DJ Artonic
DJ Artonic aka Nico Zimmermann is only 18 years old and comes from Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Early he recognized music as his great passion. At 10, he began playing drums. In 2012, he set up his own studio and since then has been producing his own music, especially Electro/House and EDM. He also occasionally performs as a DJ at events. Quote: Music has always fascinated me. It is the language we all understand and touches people where hands do not go. Music expresses what can not be said and which is impossible to say.

DJ Artonic on Facebook